Friday, 28 September 2012

About It

Have you ever come across a point in your life where you hit a ceiling? Or flip it sideways, and you've hit a wall. One more turn and you could call it rock bottom. So is this about life? Or death?

No, this is about what's in between, about what you live for. About what you receive, and what you've given back. Have you given back? How much have you taken? How much have you really taken? Have you given back to the world around you? Have you helped those in need, made a difference in any lives? Have you changed a future, have you lit up someone's dark? Think hard because this is what will define you, what will drive you. It will be the fundamental difference between you and the rest of the world, the sole purpose of the "humanity" in us. It will always be the driving force, forever pushing us forward, to the light. You can and will ALWAYS be able to bleed, it's just about who or what you will bleed for.

Look around. Stop reading, look around.

Is what you see around you what you want? Is what you see around you what you deserve, what you always dreamed of? Is what you see around you; is this... it? "IT". What is it? The end or the beginning... the reason for your existence. The reason you were put on this earth, the reason you were made to breathe. It is what you are here for, what you were meant to do. It's your destiny, your kismet...the greatness in you. The royal blood running through your veins, the natural urge to be someone to be remembered. That innate strength, that dormant enormity...the infinite immensity in you...that is what you were born for. Is what you see around you, it? Is it real?

Or is what you do, what you start with in the morning, what you do it what makes you happy, what makes you get up all over again the next day? Do you get up every morning, look in the mirror, and say to yourself "This is what I'll be doing today, and the rest of my life"? The career you've chosen, the path you've taken, the routine you follow this the end of it? Do you always follow orders, do you always do what you're told? Is it what makes you tick, what makes you believe that really, just really, THIS is what you are good at? This is how you could spend your time, everyday, for as long as you can...this is it. This is what makes me proud of me, what my passion is and always was and will ALWAYS be. This is what I always wanted to be, what makes me feel like I am earning my money the way I want, from the way I want to earn it. THIS, is what I will be proud to have on my business card of life...?

If the answer is no, something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong, and you need to fix it. You need to fix it now, today better than tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, if you feel great you probably are. But if the answer to my question was no; RUN. Run away, as far as you can, as fast as you can. Run for your life...because you need to save it. You need to salvage what you can, and get out. Precious moments are slipping away from them. Save what you can...leave the rest and RUN. Go to where you can be free..where you can be great. Go somewhere you can make a difference...go somewhere you can start fresh. A new beginning to a new life, a new tablet, clean slate. Start over and find yourself. Find it. Discover that part of your soul that has been clawing at its cage, screaming to get out. Free that part of your spirit that's been buried so deep, so deep that it's roars have been muffled, almost forever. Let it out, let it fly and let it carry you...over the hills over the mountains, up through the clouds till you can see just the sun... till you look down and see the world below you...

This place is where you will be free. Where you will love yourself, and then be able to love those around you. You will be able to see above all the clouds, above all the mist and fog..You will be able to see through all the confusion; you will see clarity. You may find that you can no longer remember the life behind you, but will have the ability to see all the life yet to pass in front of you. You may find, that you have been found.

If you ever get it, hold on to it. Grab it and never let it go, hold on for your life's sake. Because you will find that it will come down to your life's sake, for that beam of greatness; people have given themselves, lost themselves. Some have found themselves, many have died trying. Dramatic? Not with the right perspective. This can't be what life has in store for you, can't be what you were destined for... can't be how it ends. This can't be the dream, can't be the future. There HAS to be something else...there has to be MORE. It all starts with one look around you, and the this it? This CAN'T be it.

Monday, 16 July 2012

All heart

Please read it slowly, so you can understand.

It's worse when you can't feel a thing
Than when you can and won't
It's worse when you can't help yourself
Than when you can and don't
It's worse when you know that you'll lose
Than when you don't and do
It's worse when you were born to fail
Than when you weren't and do
It's worse when you can't cry the tears
That you should for your fears

It hurts when you convince yourself
That you can and It's lies
It's worse when you know that you can't
Despite all of the tries
It's hard when you just can't succeed
No matter where you go
It's hard when you want to be heard
And they don't even know

It hurts when you are struggling
And it will never work
Despite all of your friendly talk
They still think you're a jerk
It scares you that you have so much
And you know you should not
You give up and you throw away
Whatever else you've got
It hurts when you know you let down
Those of whom you love
It's worse when you know you might not
End up in up above

You start accepting failure
As an everyday dissent
You start to lose your confidence
In every step you spent
It hurts when you know that there is
no deeper left to dig
You've reached the bottom of the pit
And this is what you are
It hurts when you look up and think
You could have gone so far

You're in a place you deserve to be
From a place you loved so much
It's something you did knowingly
But was it ever fair
It was setup for you to fall
And so you'll always blame
Weren't sharp enough to play at all
So pretend to hate the game
And that is how it always was
A lifetime full of shame

It hurts when they believed in you
And you just gave them grief
It hurt when you saw that they mourned
And you felt disbelief
It hurts when you knew it was real
And now you're on the shelf
The pain's not cuz you failed them all
It's cuz you failed yourself

All heart so low
Can't feel a thing
it's empty I can't
Feel a thing


P.S - this piece is not about me, just written for those people who feel low sometimes. No matter how bad it gets, it's not worth your life.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

About You

Who are you?

Say hello to yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else knows you. You know your strengths, you know your bittersweet weaknesses. You know your ups and you know your downs. You know what brings you joy and only you know what brings you deep sorrow. The only problem is that people have been shielding themselves from reality so long that they have begun to believe in someone they're not; they believe in who they portray themselves to be. Many have lost themselves to life and for chance of loss or rejection or disapproval have put on a costume, forever stuck in a life that other people want them to live in. Forever someone else, always lying to themselves. What has happened?

What have we become? What has all this boiled down to? Is it that we are so deeply entwined in the tangles of the system that we no longer see clearly? Is it that we are so pre-occupied with our superficial problems that we have forgotten ourselves? The answer to that is still not apparent. Really hope its not one of those things you find out near the end of your natural life. It has gotten so out of hand that humanity has become de-sensitized to the fact that most of them are now living like sheep. They will call each other when they need something. They will never trust. They will steal, cheat, hurt..worse yet; they are becoming further distant from one another. As our earth is moving towards digitization and globalization, more and more of us are becoming distant from humanity. Becoming more clam shelled, more introversive. Are you not afraid?

What is happening...its getting darker out there. Pick up a newspaper: what the hell is going on? Everyone except a few are oblivious to the fact that they are doing what they are doing in their daily lives for nothing. Part of a company, part of a business, part of a community; and where is this headed? Stack money because it's a cruel world. Watch your back because its not safe. Stay out of these areas and those cities. Too many problems around you of your own, no time to worry about war victims unless you are one, or until you just turn on the tv for a few minutes. Believe what the media feeds you and live in frenzy. Spend what you make or save all you make. What difference do all those warnings make? Desensitization. They tell you the cigarette WILL kill you, ON the pack of smokes. What the hell is happening?

The average child of today sees more than 8000 murders on television by the time he/she is 14. Death is not left to be contemplated any longer; it's now an everyday part of the media, video games, etc. There is no respect for life today, and this "degeneration of our generation" is taking it's toll. Its taking it's toll on religion/belief, ethics, moral standing, and on us - the people. The same people from "Power to the People!", the same human race only the power is imbalanced. Today it has become an army of masked people. Masked & in costume, waiting for the next big theatrical event to show off their outer selves and squeeze their insides away. An army working for work. An army working for the system, the upper-class down to the poorest poor are working for the rich, who really don't know what it's like down there; or they do and they don't give a damn.

And here we are, humanity. Here we are scared and afraid, here we are terrified; we are paralysed. We can not move under the weight, we can not breathe under the pressure. We can not scream out lest we be heard and punished. When did we lose our strength? Where did our convictions go? How are these invisible walls so thick that we can no longer break through them?

Do you remember who you are?

Fear fear. Break boundaries. You will find that you are stronger than they expected. You will find you are tougher than their tanks, faster than their bullets and sharper than their barbed wire. You will find that you were born, for greatness.

Break free, and you will find yourself.


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

About Paranoia

Don't ever forget that we are watching. Can you feel it?

We know where you eat, we know where you sleep. We know where you are and we see where you go. We note incidences and make inferences. We follow your blogs and we monitor your social media, in fact we write the news you read. We are your government, we are your control. We are that blur you almost see, making sure things are as per instruction. We are the mechanics of all your wars, we are the engineers of destruction. We are the largest arms dealers and we are the largest purchasers of them. We are the best business, because we always pay; and we ALWAYS collect. We keep you poor, and others of you rich. We tell you what to wear and when to wear it. We tell you what to buy, and we tell you what you want next. ONLY WE KNOW WHY. We are a machine; and we make sure that you remain the fuel that powers us.

This is a message to those who fail to congrue with our concurrence - resistance is futile.

There will be those among you we are hunting. It is those of you that we fear, and we seek to wipe you out. You are the quirks in our physics, you are the energy in the spark. You are the few who do not fear us, you do not fear to dream. You liberate the people and lead them. You make them roar. You are those that fight back, those of you who will never retreat; never surrender. You are the wrench in our gears. It is because of you that we continue our struggle, and we hate you for it. We want to find you before you find yourself and become a threat. You are those who influence the people and guide them with your light. You instigate riots, you stir millions toward your fight against us. You are their spirit, and you are the cause. You are the only ones who can stop us, because you ask why.

We are waiting.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

About Help

Always remember, it's the little things we do for each other.

At times one gets an urge to help someone. You know..stop on the way to somewhere to give someone a lift. Help someone with the groceries if they're too heavy to carry..hold a door..hand out a 5 or a 10 to someone who looks like they need it.

Help someone, anyone, everyone. You are helping humanity..and helping the world, one person at a time. It's never too late to start, and never too early to help. Look around and you will see three types of people. Billions of people who need help, millions of people who give it..and you will see the millions who don't. You will see the first set smile big, the second set smile bigger..but you will not see the third kind in the same state of mind. It's because they have forgotten how to extend a helping hand, but it's not because they didn't help another, it's because they have forgotten how to help themselves. There's an unexplainable feeling to be felt when helping someone out in their time of need, big or small. There is no other way to describe how good it can make you feel inside you when you get a smile from someone or a thank you, even when sometimes it's all that person can give you.

There are a lot of good people in this world, but there are also plenty bad. Those bad people will wish hatred on you, hatred on others and manipulate everyone including themselves to gain personally. This is called a negative force. They are strong, and growing stronger by the minute. They cause havoc on good faith and destroy everyone's belief in humanity...but only after they have lost faith in themselves. These are the people that will bring you down, bring everyone down to as low as they are. There are a lot of bad people in the world, but there are still many, many good. These are the people who these bad people are really fighting. Their strength and their courage strikes fear into the corrupt hearts of the bad, the evil. Because they know that no matter how powerful they become, the good will always, ALWAYS be just one step ahead, one step quicker. They will eventually be safer, cleaner, purer; HAPPIER than those who seek to destroy, and this will never change. And this is the positive to counter the negative. These people will sleep easy at night, wake up and smile..spread this smile to a few people each day..and will never have to look behind them. They will have the strength of truth, the power of purity, the voraciousness of a lion in times of trial and tribulation. They are you, and you can be them. You can be power, you can be strength. You can be whatever you want to be, as long as you are good.

We know that the gain that the negative force achieves has it's "attractions"... quick money, quick infamy, quick gain. But we also know that what comes quick, goes even quicker. And for those who gain quick and get to keep it..don't doubt for a single second that they have not traded something deeper for it. They have traded their goodness, they have darkened their hearts..the have traded love for it, they have traded compassion for it..they have sold their souls for it. They have become surrounded by money, influence, power..but they have been left hollow...with nothing but a hard shell to protect themselves from the world knowing there is nothing inside. When they sleep they do not really sleep...they rest from the strain their life is putting on them. When they eat, they don't enjoy it...they eat just to give them strength for the next day. They will always look over their shoulder, they will trust no one, they will run and they will hide. They will never really love, they will never have a friend they can trust.

So help. Help those you see around you, help someone old by giving your seat. Help someone young by teaching them. Help someone poor by giving, and help someone rich by showing them how to give. Help someone who looks upset by talking to them, even if you don't know them. You have a sense in you that will let you feel it when someone needs it; and it will get stronger by the day. You will always come across someone who won't thank you for it..but don't worry. You will come across many bad people in your life in all forms; from rude to selfish to hurtful and harmful. They will try to knock you down, tire you out. They will try to hurt you and take everything you have. If they ever manage to bring you down, if you ever need a push or a shred of hope that you are winning, turn around and you will see just how far behind you they are.

Help out, whenever and wherever you can. Gather karma. YOU are the positive force, and every smile of gratitude you receive will only make you stronger. Share happiness, and don't forget to keep smiling. Because your smile is the one thing they can never take from you.